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If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. 

Peak Custom Construction was originally a woodworking team that arose from our extensive client base wanting to add some much needed character to the “cookie cutter” homes so prevalent along the Front Range.

We now specialize in any size remodeling project. While our primary focus is on interior finishes, we have been able to make some radical changes to residential properties here in Colorado. With 21 years of construction experience, and over 7,000 projects completed all along the Front Range by our experienced team, there is not much we have not seen before. Our team is glad to meet on the property to discuss the specifics of your project ideas, and share our experience from projects like yours.


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Everyone wants their house to be home, Peak was specifically created to get back to the customer service basics that our universe has desperately lacked. Our onsite collaboration is the hallmark of the company, and the end result is a careful effort by our team to deliver your vision. Your remodeling project is a lot closer to reality than you think!


Our modest rustic beginnings started with authentic barnwood walls, gas pipe shelving and mudroom cabinetry. From there, and thanks to TV programs like Fixer Upper, Peak was inundated with Ship Lap requests, and we have created some truly dramatic spaces with that simple farmhouse style design.

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